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The If-I-Had-A-Bucket-List

I’ve never really thought about having a bucket list. I haven’t seen the movie. But I’ve always been a dreamer, goal-maker, and an adventurer. A bucket list has just never been a must-do for me, and I think it’s because I’m afraid a dying and feeling like I’ve left things unfinished. I’d rather be ready to depart this life with a list of all the things I’ve done instead of a list with things that still need to be crossed off. I’d rather die thankful for what I did instead of sad for the things I haven’t. I’d rather pass on being thankful instead of regretful.

BUT. That doesn’t mean I have things I would put on a bucket list. So, here they are. The If-I-Had-A-Bucket-List.

-Move to New York

-Learn how to golf

-Own stock

-Record a Christmas CD and call it “Brigie4Shizzie Sings Your Favorite Christmastime Jams”

-Write a book

-Do a TEDTalk

-Own a leadership development consulting firm

-Go back to Africa. Spend some more time in Kenya, but also travel to Egypt and South Africa, as well.

-Spend a month touring Europe

-Get my PhD

-Pay off my student loans

-Date someone with an accent

-Own a lake house

When and if all of these things happen, I’ll be sure to remember how blessed I am to have lived a life full enough to have completed my If-I-Had-A-Bucket-List. When and if all of these things don’t happen, I have a Things-I-Did list that continues to grow and surprise me every single day.