brigitte kathleen

rediscovering my heart

Start with “Why?”

My name is Brigitte Kathleen. I’m in my mid to late twenties, and working on done with my master’s degree. I think it’s safe to say that my journey has been anything but ordinary. Some parts have been sad, other parts have been happy. Needless to say, not unlike many others, my journey has proven to be an excellent lessons in ‘what-not-to-do’s’, and stories of triumph in many ‘go-ahead-and-give-it-a-try’s’.

Throughout my journey, I’ve always struggled with finding my voice. I wouldn’t call it confusion, but I would call it constant seeking- a constant seeking for who am I am, and what I have to offer the world. I started this blog to show myself that I do have a voice, and that it’s ok for me to use it.

This blog will contain everything my personal struggles and celebrations, to academic pieces I’ve written about things I care about, to commentaries on issues in the world. I do not force my opinions on anyone, in fact, I welcome the dialogue. My goal in this is simply to prove to myself that my voice is relevant and deserves to be heard.


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